Vitamix Blender – Total Nutrition Center®

What is it?

Come along, now. I refuse to believe you’ve never heard anyone waxing lyrical about one of these, either because they’ve been coveting one, or because they just couldn’t manage without theirs. It’s arguably the highest-powered blender on the planet. And how many blenders do you know which come with a 7-year full warranty?

What’s it good for?
It pulverises the kind of stuff that makes your bog-standard food processor/blender run for the hills, such as nuts (I broke my Cuisinart doing this). Make dressings, sauces, soups, nut milk, desserts, smoothies, etc – not even I can imagine all the possibilities. I hasten to add, however, that it’s not a direct replacement for a food processor – it doesn’t slice, grate or process doughs. It’s pricey, sure – even worse if you’re in the UK, as it’s been imported from the States, but there’s a reason. And it certainly walks the walk.

Who should use one?
Every vegan-raw-foodist who wants an easy life and doesn’t have a lot of time. Its every raw foodist’s dream kitchen implement. And many raw food recipes require power in their blending, particularly when they involve nuts. It’s just not worth putting any other kitchen implement through this test. If you do, you’ll learn the hard way, like I did.

Why I love it
This all-singing, all-dancing kitchen gizmo is definitely up for being put through its paces; it’s the only brand of its kind you’ll find in the Hippocrates professional kitchen.

Its strongest selling point is its durability: as the manufacturers themselves will tell you, it never loses its power. And that’s because, unlike most blenders out there, its secret doesn’t like in razor sharp blades which eventually blunt with use. Its secret lies in fairly blunt blades but with a kick-ass heap of power behind them, which never changes.

BONUS: If you register your Vitamix as soon as you take delivery, you’re backed by a 7-year full warranty. Jugs are dishwasher-safe.



  • Total Nutrition Centre (complete with recipe book). NB Total Nutrition Centre is a misnomer – it doesn’t include a dry blend container…
  • ADD-ON DRY BLEND CONTAINER (for when you’re not adding any liquid):