Therasage Far Infra-red Health Saunas and Products – Exclusive!

Therasage Wooden Sauna
Therasage 3-person wooden sauna, £3,626.33

This Florida-based company has proved to be a true jewel in the crown of my discovery of all things health-giving.

They are tenacious, they’re knowledgeable and they are already billed as one of America’s top far infra-red specialists.

And the good news is that the health-boosting and detoxifying fruits of their labour are now also available, through me, across the UK, as well as the USA. But what’s on offer here is an EXCLUSIVE deal, complete with a 10% discount, which you can only get through It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vegan. Find out how to buy any of these products at the bottom of this page. All prices listed on the product page are BEFORE the discount. But customs charges and shipping will be in addition.

The wooden saunas (available from 1-person to 7-person size and with a swanky internet radio and 7-day timer included) are the real stars of the show, followed closely behind by their ingenious portable sauna (with fully-washable inners and compact enough to fold up and stick under your sofa).

But also on offer are location-specific infra-red devices, including neck pads, belts for back pain, pads to lie on, and even pet pads for only the most pampered (Eric has one and he LOVES it).

What is Far Infra-Red (FIR)?

Therasage Heated Pads come in various sizes
Therasage Heated Pads in various sizes

In short, and without blinding you with science, it is the most healing ray in the sun’s spectrum. It “synchs” with the water in your body and promotes healing on many different levels.

Sure, a standard sauna is good for you, supporting your body’s toxic elimination process, but these products go a stage further, penetrating your body’s organs, fat and muscles, giving a turbo-boost to detoxification – and all within your own home, whenever you want.

What’s different about Therasage?

There are not many other companies offering these products, but what makes these guys stand out in particular are two things:

  • ZERO EMF – try finding another company offering this.
  • SAFE WOOD. Most wooden saunas have been manufactured in China (no matter where the company is based) and will have been sprayed with DDT or some other similar insecticide. And many companies are not always honest about this (many skirt around the question). But the Therasage wooden saunas are made only from natural Aspen wood and have only needed to be heat treated to make them suitable for import.

What is FIR good for?

Sorry, but I feel a list coming on. It’s the only way. But for the true all-detail low-down, take a look at the post I wrote on my sauna a while back.
But in brief, this is what it’s good for:

  • An amazing capacity to heal: FIR is used in the incubators of premature new-borns
  • Anti-wrinkle power: plastic surgeons use FIR in the form of cold laser
  • Perfect detox partner – you will shed an estimated 80% more toxins on a detox if you use an FIR sauna
  • Helps with fibromyalgia; hypertension; headaches; migraines; aches and pains
  • Good support for cancer patients: by raising the body’s temperature to 105 degrees, many cancer cells will be destroyed
  • Destroys bacteria and viruses: a great weapon for colds and flu
  • Increases the efficiency of lymphocytes, aka the principle army of your immune system
  • In some instances, many FIR sauna users with hypertension have come off their medication
  • Increases and improves blood circulation
  • Helps with neuropathy in diabetics
  • Burns 300-400 calories per 30-minute session
  • Emulsifies cellulite and body fat – yey!
  • Boosts collagen to fight signs of ageing and wrinkles
  • Used 2 hours before bed-time, it can aid improved sleep
  • Used in the morning, it wakes up your body and brain better than a double espresso
  • Removal of heavy metals which accumulate in the body over a lifetime – no matter how healthy you are
  • Removes EMF from the body, and gives off ZERO EMF itself. Few other sauna manufacturers can boast this
  • Emits nitric oxide – used in hospitals to treat sickle cell anaemia
  • Grounding and relaxing – a great antidote for stress
  • Helps reduce the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Helps the body to produce Vitamin D
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