Restaurant Consultation

If you’ve clicked on here and you don’t run a restaurant, the chances are you’re vegan and are at breaking point over the lack of choice you face whenever you dine out. If that’s the case, send this link with a covering note to every food establishment that’s left you feeling disappointed and hungry. They need my help!

Otherwise, if you’re reading this because you manage or own an eatery, then you must be pretty smart.

It also means you’re not one of those people who say: “We don’t get any vegans in here; there’s no call for vegan options”. All I can say to those people is, firstly: “How do you know you haven’t had scores of vegans who have taken one look at the menu and promptly voted with their feet?” And secondly: “If you don’t offer vegan dishes, you’re cutting yourself off from a steadily-growing market.”

I never fail to be impressed by restaurants which see cooking a vegan meal as a pleasant challenge; chefs often treat it as an opportunity to showcase their imagination and to break free of the predictability of their standard menu. And whenever I experience this, I ALWAYS do two things: 1) I go back again 2) I tell everyone about it.

The experience I quite literally bring to the table is two-pronged; first, because of my own experiences of what is and is not available currently, and, secondly, as a long-standing restaurant reviewer.

I can help you to adapt your current menu so that more meals are vegan-friendly, WITHOUT the unwanted risk of wasting money and food. It’s all about lateral thinking. And it’s ridiculously easy once you know how!

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