Hippocrates Green Juice

This is what I consider to be my breakfast, Monday to Sunday. Hippocrates guests and students are given this healing, cleansing, energy-giving elixir EVERY day, TWICE a day for a reason, not least because it’s packed with protein, carbohydrates and enzymes. (served at 10am and 4pm, if you’re asking)

16 oz are served each time. To make this yourself, simply rinse, juice and combine:

  • 4 oz. sunflower sprouts ( a generous handful)
  • 4 oz. pea sprouts (a generous handful)
  • 4 oz. cucumber (1- 1.5 cucumbers)
  • 4 oz. celery (4-5 sticks, including leaves)

For best results, use the Omega Juicer, used in the Health Educator houses and classroom at Hippocrates.

Or, if you just won the Lottery, buy a Norwalk

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by George

I’m George Dryden - a slightly-off-the-wall-but-in-a-good-way journalist, blogger and almost-raw vegan. In April 2014, I graduated as a Certified Health Educator from the Hippocrates Health Institute, in Florida, USA (more about George)

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