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Ceyda's Sprout and Mint Salad
Ceyda’s Sprout and Mint Salad

This is where you get to put all your healthy intentions into practice. Better still, you get to turn them into nutrition-dense, tasty recipes, as well as home-made remedies and treats for your body.

This section is a labour of love, not just by me, but also close friends and Hippocrates Health Educator staff and colleagues, and I appreciate and value the input of each and every one of them.

As you will see from certain recipes, some contain ingredients which are not Hippocrates-approved. And some are not ideal food combining. Where this is the case, it will say so and also explain why.

The use of cashews and peanuts is a case in point: if any have slipped through the net and appear in any of the recipes in this section – or indeed in those featured in the Stuff I Love Books section – replace them either with macadamia nuts or almonds. Cashews and peanuts are toxic and are not just frowned upon at Hippocrates – they are Class A contraband!

Equally, if you’re determined to kick your sugar habit, you need to replace any form of sweetener in recipes – including agave and dates – with liquid stevia. But as I’m sure you would expect, all featured recipes are vegan. And some are raw, meaning that you may need to think about investing in a dehydrator at some point. But just before you start, remember these general tips:

  • Cook with the love your mother felt when she cooked for you
  • Imagine the food truly nourishing and benefiting those who are going to eat it
  • Never prepare or eat food when you are angry or upset ; such emotional states do nothing for your digestive vibration – or that of your guests.