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“George’s blog is not only filled with useful and motivating facts that inspire health, but it is written in such a candid and comical way that it truly touches the very cord of all human existence.

“She is able to relay pertinent, health-related information and deliver it with insight and validity to leave the reader feeling capable and encouraged. George catches the hearts of her readers by skilfully merging a somewhat whimsical, light-hearted tone with the more serious and highly sought-after content that is so necessary in the world today.

“With her background in journalism, she keenly captures details that are powerful signposts to truth as it relates to our own health and the health of our planet. Having been educated at the Hippocrates Health Institute, she understands intimately the ways to access health. When you blend all of that with her special flair for humor, her global audience is left feeling curious, educated and confident.

“Her blogs are well worth your while to read and you can guarantee that you will leave the experience richer than when you entered into it. I secretly hope she writes a book one day, because there is no doubt it will become a best-seller. She goes right to the heart of all matters and does so with great integrity. What else could you want?”

Pam Blue
Health Educator course leader, Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, USA

“If I find someone interesting, then there is a good chance I will try to find out a little more about them and this is exactly how I began reading It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vegan.

“Not all health journalists are equal and after reading a few well-researched articles, I was hooked and signed up! Whether you are starting off on your journey of natural living, or are a seasoned advocate of this way of life, then this girl’s blogs are for you.

“George writes with humour; her blogs are incredibly informative and easy to read, she laughs at herself as she endeavours to incorporate the next level of natural living into her daily life i.e. the ‘erection of the far infra-red sauna’ or the ‘Turkish massage incident’, but most importantly for me, she absolutely does her research and delivers it in a way that makes me laugh out loud.

“I am absolutely passionate about natural health, but George goes one step further by being a Hippocrates Health Educator, and that takes some discipline and no mean feat, as she will happily testify.

“I urge everyone to sign up for her daily ramblings, it will be something you will look forward to!”

Karen Dilley
Colonic Hydrotherapist, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK

“If you want to find out lots of new information about important pointers that lead to optimal health and well-being – and want to be hugely entertained at the same time – look no further than It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vegan. I guarantee that you will be educated and amused.”

Karen Hawley
Former chiropodist, then actress, now Thai retiree

“I don’t usually read blogs sent to me, but this one really caught my interest. For one, the writing was very entertaining, informative and useful. The topics are clearly written and very easy to understand. I also love the “cheeky” humor. In all, I look forward to reading them. Good job!!”

Patricia Norman
Follower, USA

“I know that when I am on George’s site, I will receive a professional journalist’s perspective; thorough, insightful, and personal. “I love how she combines her sense of humor with insight and a spiritual perspective, reminding us that we have to be careful what we put out to the world because it could intensify that which we are trying to minimize or eradicate.”

Tara Hanson
Holistic Psychotherapist and Hippocrates Health Educator, LCSW CHHE

“I love George’s blog! It’s such a fantastic and witty source of education regarding health, food and lifestyle choices. “I love her humor and passion, bringing to light some pretty heavy topics that will benefit many people. “I’ve had the pleasure to meet George, and have witnessed first-hand her honesty and dedication to all that she does. “I want to thank her for being an amazing health educator and I look forward to reading more each week!”

Michelle Cloutier
Hippocrates Health Educator and lifestyle coach, British Columbia, Canada

“Have you ever read a post on It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vegan? It’s one of those blogs that I recommend to all. So just give it a try.

“I am sure, like me, you will be seduced by George Dryden’s style and her caustic humour! But not only that, I like the curious and critical eye she has on our environment – both visible and invisible.

“She puts her finger on the right spot, where it hurts the most.

“She always asks the questions that lead us to wonder more – MUCH more! She awakens the “lambda individual” – one who accepts all of what is going on as ok – to realise that it is, in fact, unacceptable.

“But not only that, George brings us answers after meticulous and in-depth research, and she always verify the sources and information she shares (something many bloggers and journalists should take example from). She shares a lot. And generously, too.

“Because of this, I not only continue to read with her new posts with pleasure, but it is with impatience that I am expecting each new one!

“Thank you, George.”

Nathalie Jacobs
Hippocrates Health Educator / Naturopath, Belgium

“Two thumbs up for George Dryden’s blog, It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vegan.

“I find her blog to be entertaining and informative. Her writing style is witty and cheeky, while being engaging at the same time. You can feel the emotion of a real live person behind the keyboard with each post. The topics are always cutting edge and relevant to current trends and I look forward to each new instalment.

“I especially enjoyed her willingness to share her own personal “before” and “after” blood test results following her nine-week detox at the Hippocrates Health Institute. That took some guts to share, but her success is too important to keep a secret.

“Her passion comes out in her blogs and serves as a motivation for me to be true to myself and to be the best person I can be.

“My hat is off to you, George. Thank you and keep up the good work.”

Brian Hetrich
ND, naturopathic doctor, greenhouse manager
and lecturer at Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida, USA

“I don’t read many blogs on the subject of health – there are not many available in Turkey, but I always read George’s. Yes, she has become a close friend, but I trust what she writes and always feel that I have learned something new.

“She always inspires me and I often share her posts with others who need to know what is being written about. And even though English is a second language, I mostly get the humour and often find myself smiling when I read.

“It’s tough to be a vegan in Turkey, but the Soup Sunday series in particular get me back on track and encourage me to eat more raw foods.

“For me, George is the best blogger out there because I know she cares, she’s real and she’s educating people to take control of their own health in the ways that count.”

Ceyda Tavukcular
Hippocrates Health Educator and graphic designer

“I know George as a dedicated writer, a thorough researcher and a very loving person; I spent 9 weeks doing the Hippocrates Health Educator Program in Florida in the same class as George. I love her way with words and I got to know her as a warm, loving and caring person. As you will experience on her blog, she shares her huge knowledge with integrity in a wonderful mix of seriousness and humour. I love reading her posts and find them very educational and important, and I am sure YOU will too.”

Lene Aagaard
Hippocrates Health Educator, Denmark

Florence Carrier
“It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vegan is the best – and funniest – way to keep on track with health-related news. I love it!”
Florence Carrier

Florence Carrier
Student, Quebec

Marian Simpson
“I have been lucky enough to receive frequent blog updates from George. Every offering is full of useful and interesting information. As I suffer from an under-active thyroid, I found her posting on hypo-thyroidism to be incredibly informative. It is always a source of excitement to see her blog updates in my inbox.”
Marian Simpson

Marian Simpson
Donegal, Ireland