It’s getting hot in here: the power of Far Infra-red

You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve managed to remain fully-clothed for a few days now (not counting the odd stint of sun-bathing, of course).

The resultant absence of drama and scandal means that, finally, I can let you in on the secret that’s made my world a whole lot sunnier of late.

You may remember when I was in the States that I developed a serious addiction. OK, so raw chocolate mousse pie at Christopher’s was one of them, but that’s not what I meant. There was another that was a whole lot healthier: the far infra-red (FIR) sauna in our garden.

It was my sanctuary. My think tank. My very own Kingdom of Me. And, rightly or wrongly, the only place I could have guilt-free, productive “me” time and let my imagination run free; Pam Blue, our dear course leader, quickly became accustomed to receiving a barrage of emails full of creative ideas and suggested action points the moment I emerged each morning.

How could I flourish at full steam without it, I began to wonder? And then I decided that I wouldn’t have to: I was going to order one and get it shipped.

Sure, I could have gone for the foldaway, portable version, but in case you didn’t figure it already, I’m an all-or-nothing type.

Whenever he’s lecturing abroad, Dr Brian Clement doesn’t have a high-maintenance rider. No white lilies and perfumed candles à la Lopez or Spears. He even lectures for FREE. All he asks for are one or two simple things in return, and a sauna (preferably of the FIR variety) is one of them.

Two-and-a bit-months later, a huge crate landed on my driveway in the sleepy little Leicestershire village I call home. In true Abraham-Hicks fashion, I’d not even pondered who I would get to assemble it. For once, I left the small-print to the Universe.

The eagle has landed!
The eagle has landed!

Lo and behold, it turned out that not only did my next-door neighbour, Bob, fit and install swimming pools before his retirement, he also did a nifty line in sauna construction. I must remember this the next time I buy something unfathomable from IKEA.

An hour and a half later, we were good to go. What can I say? It’s ace. In fact, it’s more than that, but I can’t think of a more superlative description right now.

It comes with its own Internet radio (personally, I like peace and quiet in there, but it’s there if I want it), and I can programme it to come on at a different time every day of the week, and select a different power percentage rate for each of the 6 heating panels, a different temperature overall and the period of time I want each session to last (I’m a 125-degrees-for-45-minutes-every-time kind of girl).

And the best thing about all of this? I can program it to come on before I crawl out of bed, so that by the time I stumble in, all bleary-eyed and bedhead-ish, it’s already toasty warm and primed for cooking.

Did I mention that it smells nice too? Which brings me to an important point. Current global market forces mean that the vast majority of saunas – wherever they are being sold – are manufactured in China. And that’s generally where the wood is sourced from too. I mean, it makes economic sense, right?

The only downside to this is that, post-production, depending on the country it’s being imported to, it’s highly likely to have been doused in DDT or some other highly-toxic cocktail in order to eliminate foreign-speaking insects hitching a free lift.

Never mind the fact that you’re going to breathe in all these poisons every time. If you were ever looking for the ultimate definition of counterproductive, your search ends here.

But that’s where mine is different, all thanks to the high level of care and integrity executed by Robby Besner, affable, mad-cap inventor and hands-on CEO of Therasage, in Florida, USA.

My Kingdom of Me - my Therasage sauna
My Kingdom of Me – my Therasage sauna

So as to avoid intoxicating his customers, all his saunas are made in-house, under his watchful guidance, from natural Aspen wood; in order to comply with UK law, my sauna only required a blast of heat treatment. Hence the mesmerising aroma now permeating my garage.

As for getting nuked by EMF? No need to worry. There is none whatsoever – VERY rare for anything electrical these days. And certainly something which few – if any – other sauna manufacturers can claim.

After all that time sans sauna, I am now on serious catch-up. Even more so when I return from Turkey. I’ve been going in for two sessions a day, and I can’t tell you how much better I feel on a physical and emotional level already. Just call it my little corner of Florida.

You can’t get too much of it, either, by the way. A bit like Louboutins (I WILL own a pair one day; at least that means I won’t have to paint the soles of all my shoes red anymore).

Now I know that all sounds very nice, but I need to explain why it’s more than a great place to zone out, sweat a lot, complete a cryptic crossword and generally think pleasant thoughts.

FACT: The power of far infra-red should not be underestimated.

In recent years, it’s become the buzzword in all kinds of therapy. Even the allopathic bunch is coming round to its amazing capacity to heal; it plays a starring role in the incubators of premature babies and is a regular component in NASA’s space shuttle technology (don’t ask me how because I don’t know). It’s also the weapon of choice for a growing number plastic surgeons in the war against wrinkles.

Word is definitely spreading, but apparently, Albert Einstein was banging on about it way before Robby was even a twinkle in his mother’s eye.

Before I begin, I’ll bet you’re wondering what the difference is between a standard sauna that you chuck water on and a far infra-red?

Conventional saunas simply give off heat. And that’s great for making you sweat and supporting your body’s toxic elimination process.

For a far infra-red, think the same, but with a turbo-charged cape attached. And a pair of wings.

Far infra-red is one of the rays naturally found in sunshine (no wonder I love it). And of all the rays emanating from the sun, it’s by far the most healing and therapeutic, not least because it has the ability to penetrate way beyond your skin, straight into your organs and muscles. Stored toxins are no match for this baby – even if you choose to go in fully-clothed. For the record, I don’t advise this, unless you are unhinged in some way; I’m merely pointing out that you could.

In fact, the only materials that FIR cannot penetrate are silicon and latex.

Will your electricity consumption rocket skywards? Nope. According to Robby, the three-person sauna I have uses about half the power of a hair dryer.

So what about the health benefits? You need at least half an hour per session to gain them fully. And there are sooooo many, I’m going to revert to list mode:


  1. One half-hour session is, in reality, a lot longer, as the effects remain for 1.5 times longer than the treatment time.
  2. FIR is the perfect partner for a detox – it’s estimated that you will shed more than 80% more toxins if you detox in partnership with an FIR sauna.
  3. You will sweat more than in a standard sauna, with the bonus that you are eliminating an estimated 85% more toxins.
  4. In short, conditions which greatly benefit from regular use of an FIR sauna include: fibromyalgia; high blood pressure (hypertension); arthritis; headaches; general aches and pains. But that’s not all:
  5. If you raise your body temperature to 105 degrees temporarily, as you will if you set the sauna to around 125, many cancer cells will be destroyed.
  6. Likewise, with a body temperature of 102, bacteria and viruses are history; that’s why sitting next to someone in a sauna with a streaming cold is nothing to worry about – just don’t touch their towel or their sweaty skin.
  7. And on that note, it’s great for bringing a cold or flu virus to its knees a whole lot quicker. Couple it with a hot ginger bath afterwards and you’ll be on the mend before you know it.
  8. A body temperature of 102 degrees is also the optimal operating temperature for your lymphocytes – the body’s primary line of immune defence. At this level of heat, they are 800 times more active than normal.
  9. High blood pressure? Robby says that a number of his customers have come off blood pressure medication since using an FIR sauna regularly.
  10. Each session will help improve your blood circulation by dilating your capillaries and arteries. This makes it an all-singing, all-dancing option for diabetics and anyone who experiences neuropathy. But it’s NOT for haemophiliacs.
  11. An FIR sauna is like second aid for pain. Ideally, acute aches and pains should be treated with cold, but after that, heat is what you want. Post-sport, there’s nothing better.
  12. Sitting on your bum has never been so energetic: you burn an average 300-400 calories every 30 minutes, while increasing your metabolism at the same time.
  13. And talking of bottoms, FIR saunas are the ultimate nemesis for cellulite and excess body fat in general; I can vouch for this personally. I can now actually wear shorts in public without scaring animals or small children. Let me tell you, that’s a PHENOMENAL feeling. Not only that, but while the FIR rays get to work on your blobby bits, they are also helping to release the 71% of toxins stubbornly stored in your body fat.
  14. A daily session will boost your collagen production considerably, which is why plastic surgeons use it in the form of “cold” lasers for youth-restoring treatments, scarring and wound healing.
  15. Taking an FIR sauna around 2 hours before bedtime is a sure-fire way to an amazing night’s sleep. Do it just before, however, and your brain will probably remain in high gear for some time. But no matter what time of day you decide to treat yourself, you are highly likely to notice a better quality sleep over time; you may even need less!
  16. Taken first thing in the morning, an FIR sauna will give your brain the energetic equivalent of a lightning bolt – nothing gets my creative thoughts flowing like this amazing piece of kit.
  17. As you sweat, you’re also ridding your body of the heavy metals which you’ll have accumulated since birth. Ditto EMF.
  18. You’re also giving your body a helping hand in producing Vitamin D – a must if you live somewhere where sunshine is as rare as rocking horse poo.
  19. Just like my newly-acquired earthing mat, far infra-red rays are by their very nature grounding, stress-relieving and relaxing, making them a must for stress-heads.
  20. FIR rays generate nitric oxide, making it a wonder therapy for sickle cell anaemia patients. The same stuff is used in hospitals to treat it.
  21. And lastly – my own personal favourite (apart from the one involving cellulite): welcoming an FIR in sauna into your home means waving goodbye to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) for good. This is something I’ve been plagued with for years. Each year, as winter arrives, it creeps up on me inch by inch before pulling me under. But with this, the results are instant – you cannot fail to notice an upward shift in your demeanour after only a few sessions.


  1. It’s not like an oven; you don’t wait for it to come up to temperature before you get in it. You gain far more benefits from sitting in it as it heats up. I give mine a 15-minute head start so that it’s around 95 degrees.
  2. 120-125 degrees for half an hour a day is the optimal set-up for people without any serious health conditions.
  3. If you’re ill – including cancer – the hotter the better: 140-145 degrees for an hour a day. Or even longer, if you can stand it.
  4. An FIR sauna is NOT a test of endurance. If things get a little too stifling, you can crack open the door and STILL gain all the benefits.
  5. 30 minutes is the absolute minimum time per session; it takes 8 minutes for the body to start absorbing the FIR frequency.
  6. As soon as you’re out of the sauna, deposit your towel in the laundry basket, or, better still, get a wash on pronto. That soggy towel will contain more toxins than you would care to imagine. And likewise, a shower isn’t a bad idea, either.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You must consult your doctor before using an FIR sauna if you are pregnant, or have a health condition. The information included in this post is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness.

EVEN-MORE-IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you’ve decided, like me, that you can’t go on a moment longer without the 21 benefits of an FIR sauna, (portable or wooden) or a belt, neck pad or pet pad, get in touch by commenting on this post. Why?

Because I can get you one. Wherever you are. Better still, if you’re outside the USA, you’re also entitled to an exclusive ISHTOAV reader discount of 10 PER CENT. Simply click on the “comment” icon below and get in touch, pronto.


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