Organic Sunflower Seeds


What are they and how do you use them?
The greens produced from unhulled black or striped sunflower seeds. A major ingredient in Hippocrates Green Juice, but also a tasty addition to salads.

What’s in them?
These humble greens contain 30 times more nutrients than the best organic vegetables:

  • Excellent source of balanced amino acids – very high in protein
  • Activates every cell in the immune system
  • Builds skeletal, muscular and neurological systems
  • Excellent source EFAs
  • Helps to digest fat and carbohydrates
  • Great for building muscle and tissue tone; magnesium
  • Great for nervous system; potassium
  • A and B vitamins
  • Rare source of vitamin D (immune system) – converts cholesterol in the skin into Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Significant amounts of phosphorus and calcium
  • Iron source
  • Copper – great for metabolising iron
  • Iodine
  • Good source of niacin
  • Lecithin, which helps transport fats
  • Linoleic acid for brain function, skin, hair growth and healthy bones
  • Phytosterols to reduce cholesterol, enhance the immune response and fight cancer

Who should eat them?
Judging by the list above, who shouldn’t???

Why I love them
Because of their phenomenal nutritional content. To be honest, I find the taste slightly overpowering, and so I only put them in my juices, but many people love their distinct, slightly-peppery flavour in salads.

What will I need to grow it?
Read the instructions here.

Prefer to buy ready grown?
Buy ready-grown sunflower greens

Available in 2kg:

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