Organic Clover Seed


What is it and how do you use it?
A microgreen with a mild, sweet taste, ideal for adding to salads, but not for juicing as it’s too small.

What’s in it?
As an aside, clover sprouts deserve some positive press on their own, as they have apparently been proven to counteract the effects of chemotherapy. Mainstream doctors have had no choice but to believe this as they tell their patients not to take them during chemotherapy treatment. So if you’re on chemo, give these a wide berth while your treatment continues.

Who should eat it?
Everyone, but especially vegans.
Why I love it
I love growing them in my Easy Sprout and they’re yet another member of the sprouting family which makes my salads that little bit more interesting every day.

What will I need to grow it?
Watch instructions here.

Available in 500g:

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Or 100g:

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