What is Hippocrates LifeGive? LifeGive is the house brand-name given to the high-grade supplements formulated by Hippocrates Health Institute. They are superior to the majority – if not all – of the mass market supplements available today. Why?.
  • They are of a superior, high-grade
  • They are 100% vegan
  • They are 100% food-based and natural – not synthetic as most other brands are
Many are unique, without a competitor equivalent, formulated specifically to support particular illnesses and disease. While I do have a steady stock of key LifeGive products, some will be shipped directly to me from the USA once you place your order. In these instances, delivery time will usually be between 14 and 20 days. For more “common” supplements, including Vitamin B and iron, I use and recommend those products listed in the relevant sections. They are not the LifeGive brand, but they are all organic, vegan and food-based. I DO NOT USE OR RECOMMEND SYNTHETIC SUPPLEMENTS.

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